Does your team struggle with workflow and bottlenecks?  Are processes breaking and impacting productivity? 

Successful businesses overcome these issues with guidance and strategy.

We work with you to identify pain points and develop policies that streamline work systems. 

Align your business goals with your in-house talent by giving them the roadmap for success.



The L-12 Services Streamlined Workplace Program will provide you an accurate assessment of your organization's health, and tighten up your teamwork through training and policy development.  We will dig deep to find the challenges your team faces, and mine solutions from your existing talent pool.  Your greatest asset, your people, will become more confident, proactive and innovative as they clear the path toward success.

Our clients have reduced project delivery times by 35%, dropped employee attrition by 72%, and every client has significantly increased revenue and customer service scores across the board.

The Streamlined Workplace

Assess Chaos Tolerance & Burnout

Organization-Wide Survey = The Mechanics

Individual 1x1 Interviews = The Culture

Baseline Report of Organizational Health

Priority Identification

Communications Policy Development

Focus Groups

Workflow Mapping

Team Training

Template Development

Recommended Strategy for Growth

Additional Stand-Alone Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Workflow, Process & Policy Development
  • Team Leader Communications Training
  • Internal Communications Policy Review & Development
  • Workflow & Communications Training for Distributed Teams
  • Internal & External Focus Group Facilitation
  • Business Ecosystem Workshop

Receive Your Customized Communications Needs Assessment

Want to know exactly where to focus next to take your team from disorganized, inconsistent, and confused to concise, goal-oriented, and strong?

Answer a few key questions in the L-12 Services Internal Communications Assessment to receive your personalized report today.

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We create clarity from chaos, so you can lead with confidence

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Listening to Our Clients

Individual and team interviews help us understand where the challenges are and what tools can be implemented or removed.  Fast growth and scaling can cause chaos when policies and plans aren't kept in alignment with the needs of the business.

Informal Meeting

Collaborative Planning

Our planning process includes voices from every level of your business because your business is an ecosystem with interdependent parts.  Solutions often come from within your existing team through professionally facilitated, creative problem solving sessions.

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Training Your Team

We gather direct feedback from your team to identify the broken processes and bottlenecks they encounter, build a plan to streamline their work, and then train them to use the updated processes to meet milestones.